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Principal Message

Hello Montclaire Community!

I am excited to be joining Montclaire as the new school principal for 2022-23 school year.  My family has recently relocated from the Cincinnati area, where I have grown up.  California has definitely been a whole new world for me, and everyday I find something new to love.  My favorite by far has been learning about the amazing school community that Montclaire has that I get the honor to be a part of.  There hasn't been a single person that I have met while learning more about the school that hasn't amazed me for the wealth of knowledge and passion that they bring to making our school a great place to be.  

From my time listening to staff, meeting parent liaisons, and District office personnel, I have determined my top priorities this year to be:

1. Learning and developing relationships with all educational partners to include:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Families
  • Community Leaders

2. Working together with our MPTO, SSC, and PBIS committees to help improve the family engagement that was lost during the time of Covid by:

  • Opening up office hours virtual and in-person
  • Utilizing ParentSquare, our district website, and newsletters for our three official ways of communication.
  • Meeting weekly to touch base with our MPTO chairs
  • Continuing monthly meetings with MPTO

3. Improving Safety and Security of the campus by:

  • Developing a school safety committee to determine the biggest needs to ensure that all students and staff are safe during the school hours.

4. Supporting and providing our teachers with instruction by:

  • Looking into professional development to support the programs they are using
  • Utilizing our TOSA teachers for coaching and teacher support with a clear plan and goals
  • Providing time for our teachers to plan and collaborate with their grade-level teachers as well as vertically 
  • Connecting our newest teachers with our District mentor teacher

5. Increase school climate and improve behavior needs by:

  • Continuing to build the PBIS team to provide frequent reinforcements and interventions as needed for all students
  • Setting clear and consistent expectations for behavior and logical/meaningful consequences for both meeting and not meeting those expectations
  • Frequent communication with families and teachers

These are big goals that I can only achieve through the help of our entire community.  I look forward to working with you all to achieve these goals and appreciate your feedback of how we can always continue to improve to make our school the best it can be.  

Thank you for having me,

Amy Maiden